Saturday, 22 February 2014

Farm again

Due to the weather the kids haven't been out much this half term, so with only a couple of days left, and the sun shining we went to the farm :) As well as the animals they have lots of themed 'walks' where the kids can hunt for trolls or fairies or the witches house. Last time we went to see the trolls so decided on the witches house today.
We've been there before but still took a while to convince Caitlin that the witch wasn't home and even if she was she was nice lol. We found her house but luckily she wasn't home ;)
As well as the house there were lots of fary homes dotted about. There were 15 but we only found 9. Something to do next time I guess. Cameron kept trying to open the doors no matter how much I told him it wouldnt work. Love how he still has some innocence even though hes growing up :)
So after a fun day it was home for relaxing and a roast dinner. I'd put a chicken into the slower cooker this morning so wasn't much left to do. Love having a busy day outdoors and then a lovely, home cooked dinner :)

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