Thursday, 13 February 2014

Still loves his Mummy :)

Cameron is a boys boy, he likes, guns, computer games and fart jokes. I don't mind this but it makes it hard for me to bond with him as given the choice he would always choose to spend time with his Daddy. I love that they're close but I would like a look in from time to time. Then last night I was woken by a tug on my arm, nothing new, Cameron often wakes at daft hours and asks to watch tv (um no) but he didn't want to watch tv he'd had a nightmare and wanted to sleep in with me. I honestly can't remember the last time that happened. So he cuddled in and went to sleep. The rest of the night I had my baby boy fast asleep in my arms. I loved it :) He's growing up so quick and it won't be that long until he's a teenager and hugs will be a thing of the past! He further amazed me tonight when I asked if either of the kids wanted to walk Scamp with me (usually a no when its cold and they're already in their pjs lol) but Cameron jumped up and said yes. So spent a lovely walk talking about Australian animals hes learning about at school and things he wants to do next week. Feeling in a great mood now :)
Tomorrow is the big legal meeting about my nieces, and to be honest even though I'm happy I'm feeling very drained. It's been a very demanding week so I was relieved tonight to close the door, listen to my babies snore peacefully upstairs and relax for a bit.
Can't wait until tomorrow is over and we at least know what is going on. Then can start to enjoy half term! :)


  1. Aww that's sweet. Hoping for a good outcome for you and the girls x

  2. Bless him, kids can be so lovely :)


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