Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines day curse

Mark and I have the WORST luck on Valentines. Someone is always ill, or we get bad news, or plans go to hell for whatever reason. On our first Valentines day Mark surprised me with the plan to take me to Warwick the following day for the weekend to visit the castle and stay in a B&B. Then someone at his work stole £1600 and as he was manager he was stuck sorting that out so we couldn't go. Set the tone for the rest of the time lol. Yesterday started off ok :) I made Mark breakfast in bed and waited on him hand and foot for the day (no different to normal :P) then kids came home from school with valentines day cards. I didn't think kids this young would be giving out cards so was a bit surprised! Camerons was from a girl called Olivia who hes been betrothed to since reception lol. Caitlins was from her friend Rosie :)
Then Mark gave me my gift, a ticket to see Wicked!!! I knew my Mum was taking my niece next week but didn't know I was going too! Very excited!
Caitlin had a valentines day disco at her school so dropped her off, dropped Cameron off at Beavers and popped down to Tesco......
and heres where it started to go wrong. Got in the car to leave and heard a grinding noise from the front wheel. I checked it and noticed it had dropped down. I had had this issue before with an older car so knew the front suspension spring had snapped. Felt about and could feel the jagged end. :( Rung my Mum to get Caitlin as luckily she lives right by the school but as my Dad was at work I needed to ring Nicola to get Cameron. That hurt, lol. Luckily I had just agreed to collect Lillie from nursery in a couple weeks so Nicola needs me on side atm. So rung the AA and was told as they were so busy they wouldnt be there until 7:15, 45 minutes away. I was gutted :( but went back to the car and waited. 7:15 came and went, 8pm came and went and by this time I was cold, freaked out by the car being violently rocked by the wind and was starving! I was also so worried about the price it was going to cost to fix the car and couldnt stop crying. Mark felt bad for me obviously so went into the shop to get me a drink. Came back bless him with some magazines, sandwices, drinks and this pillow to cheer me up.
So not the valentines we expected but at least we were together. AA finally showed at 9 so by the time we towed the car to a garage and got home it was gone 10. Time for a glass of wine and relax..........then Mark accidently knocked over my collectors edition Tinkerbell clock from Disneyland worth just under £200 and smashed it. BEDTIME!!!!!!

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  1. What a day!!!
    What a nightmare!!!
    We always argue on Valentine's Day and this year was no different!!!
    Hope things have improved since then


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