Saturday, 1 March 2014

Busy, busy, busy.

So this morning I made a list of everything I need to do this week, scared me. But once I broke it down into days it seemed a bit more manageable and having an aim always helps make me feel more in control. On todays list was housework, making the gift for the girls and Caitlins dance exam. She has dance lessons every Wednesday and an exam on what shes learned every 3 months or so, if she does well she gets another piece of rainbow for her trophy. She loves dancing and while some mums take it very seriously its quite a relaxed class which I like, she's only little imo and I don't like the huge amount of pressure on kids these days to be grown up before they are. If Caitlin wants to do ballet professionaly one day great, if she wants to jump about the house in her PJs with her headphones on like her Mum thats great too ;) So for her exam she got dressed in her party dress and let me take a photo before we went. I think she looks beautiful but I'm biased ;)
Well I managed to get a fair few things ticked off my list, but as so often happens I did 4 and added another 3, I gave in and ordered pizza for dinner. Was an extravagance yes but was just what we needed as I was started to get really stressed and enjoyed sitting with the kids for a few moments chatting. Probably don't do that enough.
Weather permitting we're off for a woodland walk tomorrow and I promised Caitlin I'd do some crafting with her in the afternoon. Hopefully a nice family day :)


  1. She looks enchanting, if you ask me. Glad you hear you are ticking items off one after another. We all need that, don't we.

  2. Aw bless her, she does look beautiful, how did it go?

    1. Think it went well but wont find out if she passed until next month :)


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