Monday, 24 March 2014


There is not going to be enough hours in this week. Between appointments, meetings, housework, projects I need to do etc etc. Tired just thinking about it! Hopefully Mothers day on Sunday will be nice and relaxing though ;)
Today was about housework, ironing and sorting out the kids wardrobes. Whenever I go to the Next sale I buy a load of clothes in the next size up so I'm ready when they have an unexpected growth spurt. Saturday was the only sale since they've been born I haven't gone, :s Felt wrong! But I have to be sensible as we just can't afford it and I hadn't checked to see what they needed so I know I'd have ended up buying things they didn't need in the end. So to prevent that happening I dragged all the clothes out and sorted through what fits, what doesn't what can be donated etc. Poor Cameron came home to find his room looked like Next had exploded! Bribed the kids with a picnic dinner to try on all the clothes and 3 hours later I had a huge bag for charity, a bag for the bin and 2 wardrobes full of new clothes :) Caitlin needs nothing, her wardrobe is stuffed! Cameron needs some shorts and t-shirts but thats it. Love having the wardrobes full of clothes for them, feels like something ticked off the list iykwim :)
As we had spent so long trying on clothes I agreed to let the kids stay up a little later to watch a film. 20 minutes in this was the result,
You can't see Caitlin well because shes leaning against me but shes asleep too lol.

Funner comment from Mark this morning.

Walking to school this morning talking about the fancy dress party at the school Friday.
Me - so what do you want to wear Caitlin?
Mark - why don't you wear your blue frozen dress
*i give him a horrified look*
Caitlin - do I have a frozen dress?! Did you buy me one mummy?!
Me - no daddy means your green Merida dress! *hisses at mark* the frozen one is for her birthday, she doesn't know yet!
Give me strength.


  1. Men! They are useless aren't they!
    I'm currently doing that with my wardrobe, but in stages :)

  2. All the trying on must have tired them out! Love how Mark nearly let the cat out of the bag. Typical bloke!


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