Thursday, 27 March 2014

Poorly puppy again :(

Mark often says I overreact, which to be honest is true but a lot of the times I'm right! Today Scamp didn't seem himself to me, Mark said he was just tired but I didn't agree. 2pm came and I went to give him a cuddle, he rolled onto his back like he always does and I noticed a huge purple lump on his tummy, that wasn't there an hour ago! So rushed him to the vets and turned out hes reacting badly to his internal stitches. We knew he had had a reaction as hes had a hard lump there for a while but we were told that could take up to 6 weeks to go down, the purple lump however was full of blood and pus so the reaction was worse than they expected :( They drained it and told us to come back in the morning for the senior vet to see. He might need another op or hopefully just stronger antibiotics to fix it. :( Poor pup pup.
As well as that drama we had Cameron friend Jack, and Mollie round for dinner tonight. That was a daft idea lol. Looking forward to a bath and a martini tonight!
Still haven't had a chance to scrap yet so more layouts from the weekend away. I still prefer doign 12x12 layouts but I do like the results from the PL style layouts.
I took SO many photos around Disneyland doing a 12x12 for each of them would keep me busy for months. Besides theres only so many times you can scrap another view of the castle, or another photo point from around the park lol.
Great to use up little random bits too :)
Mums birthday tomorrow so will need to find some time to do a birthday card!


  1. Oh no, poor Scamp. I hope he's ok x

  2. OMG..poor puppy! How did it go this morning?

  3. Aw, hope he's OK?
    Love the quickness of PL pages to use up lots of photos at the same time :)


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