Saturday, 15 March 2014

One and only full day here :(

Wow, what a difference this hotel is to the other one! Our meal was amazing and very efficient. The view at night out the window is beautiful as we're on top of a hill so can see all the lights from the factories and houses down below. Our dinner was delicious and I had the added bonus of finding a slip under my plate saying I had won a prize! Turns out as well as challenges etc Leslie has a few spot prizes to be found over the weekend and I got the first one! I was allowed to pick form a variety of choices, or one of two mystery boxes. I can never resist a surprize so piced one of the boxes and these were inside :)
Love all the bits and cant go wrong with a chocolate orange! :) After dinner we had a quiz which was funny but as usual I think I knew maybe two answers lol again including the Disney one ;) My team came second though so not too shabby! Next thing I knew it was 1:30 and time for bed. I did get there later than I'd hoped but time did seem to fly by. Haven't done any standard layouts yet but I've been doing the project life style ones to use up some photos from Disneyland. Unsurprisingly I took a LOT of photos, most of which are just general photo spot ones with no big story behind them so this is a great way to still scrap them :) If I'm honest I don't enjoy doing these as much as usual layouts, they're similar to a mini book as theres not much room to do anything but feels good to make that photo pile a bit smaller :)
So after an early start this morning (up at 7 so bit later than lat weekend) I had breakfast then back to scrapping :) Leslie has set a challenge which is to create a project using only the papers she gave us so will try that sometime this afternoon. I'm not great at those type of challenges so not expecting to win but will give it a shot :) It's nice to not have to rush and race to classes, gives more time to chill out and chat. Though time seriously does seem to be racing by! I think it's because I know I don't have that long as usual, I can't stop thinking about having to drive back tomorrow, already starting to panic a little, better scrap more to take my mind off it :)

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  1. Glad you liked the contents of your chosen box :)


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