Thursday, 20 March 2014

Too much stuff!!!

With Spring just around the corner its time for a spring clean, so thought I'd start the worst area first and tackle a bit of the garage. As you can see its not the neatest of areas!
The majority of the is junk, junk and more junk with some outside toys and garden seating chucked in. Mark is a bit of a horder so a lot of stuff ends up shoved in here to keep it out of the way. The loft isnt much better! So a few hours, lots of items chucked and moved about and to be honest it doesn't look that different lol. I did find lots of bits I forgot I had though, including a load of alphas so not a complete waste of time ;)
Once I'm done (or as done as I'm going to get today) I plan to play a bit with this :) My SJ crafts kit came this morning and omg I love it! The colours are gorgeous and the embellishments are adorable :)
Problem is I love both sides!
Was funny when I took this picture. I always lay the papers out on the rug in the livingroom as thats where the best light is, so took them all, laid them all out so pretty........ just as Scamp escaped from the bath. So I threw myself over the kit like it was a bomb, shouting at the soaking wet, bubbly dog to STAY! Marks trying to catch him which obviously makes it a game so he runs about even more. Wish I had a camcorder could have been on you've been framed! Managed to catch him though and kit is safe. Phew!


  1. I'm waiting for my first SJ Crafts kit to arrive - I love the muted tones. Well done on making a start on the decluttering.

  2. Oh it's always hard when you love both sides of a kit!

  3. Free listing on ebay this weekend - get selling!

  4. Ooh lovely kit. LOL at Scamp and your dive to protect your stash! Good luck with the garage sorting x

  5. We need to tackle our garage too - but like you I think I'd rather concentrate on pretty paper and things. Maybe I'll spring clean the studio tomorrow.


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