Friday, 21 March 2014

Busy busy :)

This morning we left the house at 8:30 to take kids to school. We had a few errands to run afterwards and I figured we'd be home by 11 at the latest, I walked in the back door at 1:45 just in time to walk out the front door to get to the 2pm PTA meeting lol.
Well all that went well, kids are now fed and relaxing before bed so in my wisdom I decided to wrap some birthday gifts. When I was sorting the garage the other day I found a pile of Christmas gifts I forgot to give out, plus a load of things I bought in the sales for birthdays in the summer so thought I might as well organise them along with the gifts I had stashed in the wardrobe. Yeah I had NO idea how much was in there! This was the pile I ended up with.
Along with a pair of brand new Next shoes I have no memory of buying :s My Mum is dreadful for doing stuff like this so obviously shes passed it down to me lol.
Back at Meadowbarn I seemed to do a lot of double layouts. I don't usually but it was a good way of using lots of photos from the same event, which I have a LOT of! :) This was one I did from the homestart trip to Twin lakes this summer. As I work for them I get to go along so its a nice perk for me and the kids. :) They're good friends with the kids from the family I work with so it all works out well.
Still using up those little coloured dot stickers. Haven't been able to find them anywhere yet but will keep looking!

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  1. I was terrible at remembering where I'd hidden things and found that writing a list of everything helps! Sweet layouts :)


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