Friday, 28 March 2014

Fancy dress

Thanks for all the concern for Scamp :) Took him vet this morning and she thinks a super strong round of anti-biotics and antiinflamatories (SP) should do the trick so fingers crossed! They have the oddest doses though, he needs 75% of on tablet 2 times a day, and 45% of another once a day! How do I make a teeny tiny tablet into 45% lol Going to have to just guess I suppose.
Tonight is the schools fancy dress disco. Caitlin wanted to go as Cinderella but her Cinderella dress is getting a bit on the small side so convinced her to go as Merida instead. I think she looks adorable :)
After the disco we went round to see my Mum who was celebrating her 52nd birthday today :) Didn't do anything huge, just let the kids play while we sat and chatted. Was a nice night really :)

More PL style pages :) These are ideal for 'Elf on the shelf' photos. I took one almost each day so will be fun to look back and see what Star did each year.
1 - Elf on the shelf arrives! Brings a book and a special north pole breakfast :)
2 - Santa says hi spelled in marshmallows and sweets
3 - Star brings a gift for the kids
4 - Star tps the tree!
5 - HI in the bath with bubble bath
6 - Warning letter for Caitlin for temper tantrums!
To be continued ;)


  1. Pretty little lady.
    It's beacuse he's so small and they don't do tablets for his size :(

  2. Aw she looks adorable. Great to see you documenting Star's December too :)


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