Monday, 17 March 2014

Mum needs a day planner

Today was,,,,,interesting lol. This afternoon I met my Mum and Mollie to take Mollie to our local Junior school where she will be starting after Easter. The look around went quite well, the classes seemed nice and the school looked good (relief for me as Cameron goes there in September) but they didn't give us a starting date or class. When we bumped into my sister and Evie who were touring the infants they had, so we decided to go back after I collected my two from school. Thats where it started to go wrong. When I collected Caitlin she was bawling her eyes out, turns out Evie is starting in her class. Now she loves her cousin but Evie is very overpowering at times and we have had issues with Evie not wanting anyone else to play with Caitlin at Rainbows, I calmed her down and had a word with the teacher who assured me she would keep an eye on it and I've promised Caitlin if it becomes an issue I'll sort it out so will need to cross my fingers and hope it works out atm. So one drama subdued we went back to the juniors. Good job we did as turns out we need all kinds of paperwork including a letter from our social worker stating that Mollie is currently living with mum. So walking back to my house I rung to ask for one, conversation went like this:
Me - Hi can I speak to **** please
Receptionist - No sorry shes out on a home visit at the moment can I take a message?
Me - Yes Its Gemma Steele calling about Mollie Cameron could she ring me back please?
Receptionist - Oh, isn't she on a home visit with you?
Me *confused* - No, Mum do we have a meeting with the social worker?
Mum - Oh ****!!!!
Yes we did! Turns out she was coming to Mums to talk to Mollie, which Mum forgot about lol. So we had to run to mums, desperatly ringing my Dad and Mark who were both at mine with the kids and the keys! Finally got through and though we had to sit in the garden with the SW for a bit it turned out ok lol.
Things never go smoothly do they?!
So back to layouts :) On my last retreat I actually did very little scrapping, so unlike me! But I did finish a couple that I started a while ago then got bored of. They arn't the best ever but they're done!
This is what happens when Mark falls asleep and Caitlin gets bored ;)
This was a really simple one to use some of the squares which were left from die cutting lots of polaroid frames. The picture is from last summer where Caitlin and Cameron were trying to give each other a kiss but the helmets kept bumping instead :)
Tomorrow should be a much more boring day lol.


  1. Life's never boring in your family! ;)

  2. I love the photo of Mark in a tiara!! lol! The second page is really effective with the different squares.


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