Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Up to date again :)

This morning Scamp was sitting on my knee quite happy so I tried to take a photo of us, then the two crazy ones jumped in lol. Love the photo I ended up with though :)
Well this morning was supposed to be a social services meeting but its been moved to next week so I used the time to tidy about and catch up with online jobs (bills, paperwork etc) Im out all day tomorrow so wanted to use the time as productivly as possible. Short of a little ironing I'm all prepped for the weekend again now :) Went shops with my Mum to restock the cupboards and got lots of things that were reduced to pennies as the lines are being discontuned. Love a bargain :)
So now I'm all ready I admit I'm feeling a bit better about going away again. :) Dont think I'll book two so close together again though, even a week gap would do but its just too much to organise so close together. Will be worth it though this time round :)
So more layouts! More form Turkey lol. This photo was taken as Caitlin and Evie were sitting on my Dads knee and she was pretending they were squashing him, they were cracking up! Love how natural their smiles are :)
Another Turkey one, was trying to get a nice photo of Cameron but he was having none of it. *rolls eyes*
Should be dancing tonight with the girls but Mollie isn't feeling too well so Caitlin doesn't want to go either, so a nice night cuddled up with dvd is on the cards :)

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  1. Hopefully at this retreat you won't have anyone smudging your layouts lol!


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