Friday, 14 March 2014

HATE driving!!!

Last night was much more fun than expected. The play center was empty as usual so the kids just ran off and played, it tired them out well enough that i was home, bed for them and a nice dinner for me and Mark :)
Today didn't go quite so well lol. Packed up the car and set off for what should have been a 2 and a half hour drive.......4 hours later I arrived! OMG the traffic was dreadful! Roads were heaving, roadworks were busy and there was a guy in front of me with his hazzards on for 20 minutes driving at half the speed limit. I'm not a confident driver at the best of times so was a mess when I finally got there :( Haven't had to use my breathing exercises to calm me down in a while but had to use them then.
So drive from hell over the hotel is amazing :) My room is huge and the bed very comfy, I even have a balcony! Actually feel guilty being here without Mark lol. The crop room is great too, Lesley has gone way above and beyond with big jars of sweets, tea/coffee and lots of prizes set out for over the weekend. Its great to see everyone too, some I've not met but a lot are girls from Sarahs cards who I know. Very excited!
Havent had a chance to do any scrapping yet so still sharing ones from last weekend :) This is a really simple on as I love this photo so really just wanted to highlight it.
Not too fond of this one, think the title should have been one set of alphas rather than lots iykwim. This Was from when we bought the 'Im a celebrity' game from iceland. Basically snakes and ladders but if you go up a ladder you eat something nice (marshmallow or brownie) and if you go down a snake you eat something yuk (snot balls or grubs) Cameron loved it but Caitlin had to eat one grub (ghnocci) and refused to play anymore. lol.
Well off to enjoy my evening with some lovely, crazy ladies :)

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