Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers day :)

Happy mothers day to all the Mums out there :) Hope you're all being spoiled rotten. I was very lucky and got some chocs, wine and some new kindle books from my babies plus some lovely cards!
The one with the puppy on the front is from Scamp :) We had planned to go to the farm today but Cameron really didnt want to so we just took them round the park instead. The weather was amazing so we took their bikes with us :) They were both a bit worried at first as though they can both ride the bikes were bigger than they were used to so it took a little while for them to get used to it again. Took them a little while and a few falls but they were soon off again/ Turned out quite a nice day despite it all going wrong again lol.
Almost finished sharing all the layouts I did at the weekend so better get scrapping again soon! More elf on the shelf PL layouts :)
8 - Playing Magic the gathering with Eeyore
9 - Brought decorations for the kids tree
10 - Brought a dvd and some goodies to enjoy with it.
11 - Made a snow angel from flour (no photo)
12 - Brought some elf doughnuts (cherrios covered in chocolate and sprinkles)
13 - Hiding in the fridge in my hat!
14 - Brought some magic elf beans (jelly beans)
15 - Elf beans grew into candy canes!
16 - Swinging on the swing she made
17 - Brought tickets to Frozen for me and Cait and some goodies for the boys (no photo)
18 - Hanging on our christmas reef
19 - Star made breakfast (No photo)
20 - Wrapped the kids uniforms and book bags
21 - Christmas countdown!
22 - Watching tv with some treats
23 - Brought some new PJs and a dvd for Christmas eve
24 - Brought a note to say good bye and kids opened their PJs
25 - Made barriers so the kids couldnt sneak out and see Santa!

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