Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Today tbh was nothing amazing to blog about lol. More jobs, more housework and meetings at the school. The kids took in the invitations to their birthday party so they were excited about that :) Mollie visited the class she will be going into after Easter and loved her teacher and made a friend too so that's a weight off all our minds!
As I haven't done much to share thought I'd share some layouts instead :) This was one of the last layouts I did at the Twilight retreat so was using the last of the scraps I had lying about. Loved how it looks in the end as theres lots of colour like on fireworks night which is what I was aiming for :)
This was a simple one but I LOVE the little button tree I did in the bottom corner. I saw it in a copy of scrapbook magazine a while ago but never got around to trying it.
Tomorrow is meetings, puppy sitting, drs appointment with my Mum, shopping then taking granny to church. Glad I filled the car with petrol the other day lol.


  1. Cute layouts, I too love that tree :)

  2. The tree looks fab but I really love the fireworks layout on the black. It really makes everything stand out x

  3. Wonderful LOs. Congratulations on being in the fab six!


Thanks for your comments. :)