Monday, 3 March 2014

No cuddles :(

Well this morning I got a letter from Tesco saying I was being charged £12 on my credit card for not paying it in time. Nah I thought, its got to be a mistake. I only have the Tesco card for emergencies and don't use it. I logged onto my account to check.......crap, I used it to book the kids birthday party as I drove all the way there and realised I'd forgot my purse and only had that one. Phoned up and begged and they agreed to wave it as obviously its never happened before. Got to keep better track of these things! Had to catch up on a few boring jobs and errands then settled down to cuddle my baby before picking up the kids. Then I checked his tummy and didn't like what I saw :( While his neutering wound has healed great, he keeps using his back leg to scratch the wound from his hernia repair. As a result it looked a bit read and weepy to me. Mark insisted it was fine but agreed we would take him to the vet to put my mind at ease. Turned out I was right its infected :( The vet gave us some antibiotics and bandaged up his tummy so he can't scratch it anymore. Scamp is not impressed :(
Since taking this photo Scamps managed to get his bandage off twice by biting and scratching it so we've had to put his jacket AND his harness on (he can take off his jacket) to keep the bleeding thing on. Hope these antibiotics do the trick soon as hes not in a sulk with me and won't let me cuddle him. :( I need my puppy cuddles!

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  1. He may not be impressed but he looks extremely cute!!!


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