Thursday, 6 March 2014

World book day

For world book day the school decided to do the theme pirates and princess' I asked the kids ages ago what they wanted to be and Caitlin picked cindrella (obviously) while Cameron didn't want to dress up. Fair enough. So this morning comes and we discover Caitlin dress has a huge hole in it. Cue tears and heartbreak because she HAS to be Cinderella because Lilly is being Cinderella too. Managed to calm her down and convince her to be belle instead. At which point cam pipes up he wants to be a pirate? WHAT?! So I managed to cue up a school t-shirt, trousers and use a shoelace to make a pretty good pirate outfit I think :) we had a hat left over from party bags and a sword in his toy box so done! Two crisis sorted out before brekkie, go me :)
As party of the PTA we were doing refreshments at the book fair which is always hectic but fun. It also let me see that Lilly was also belle so Caitlin was a happy bunny :) I felt like a dreadful mum though as Cameron was begging for a minecraft book for sale, he even said he would pay for it from his own pocket money. I probably looked evil saying no but can't exactly tell him his nanny has bought him the set for his birthday can I? ;) To be honest I'm all for them reading but the books at the fair are SO overpriced! And the one Caitlin picked was a colouring book so said no to that. I was prepared though ;) I had bought Cameron a set of sky landers stories and Caitlin a my little pony story book a week or so ago so gave them those when they got home which pleased them. Was lovely to cuddle up with them in my bed before they went to theirs, reading to them both. I don't read to them enough really, not since they learned to do it themselves. Think I'll change that from now on. :)

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