Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lots to buy!

So my poor pup pup is still not well. :( He managed to pee on his bandage so I had to use an old scarf and tie it up with a ribbon to keep it on. I think he's cute but don't think he's too impressed. Oh well needs must!
Well today is One of those driving all over the place days. I've got pen green in the morning, then have to do the shopping for the weekend which involves town, shopping center, petrol station, big b&s outside of town etc. really I could get all of it in the one store but if I drive about I can get it a lot cheaper. It's annoying but have to live to a budget don't you.
Speaking of the weekend I'm still packing. It's hard to try and pack for a crafty weekend because you never know what you will need! The more you have at home the more you end up using and typically when away you remember the PERFECT embellishment or tool that you leave at home. I'm trying not to stress about it but it's hard, I think I do more prep work for me to go away for a couple of days than I do when we're all going overseas for a week. Hoping to get lots of layouts done though, my record so far is 24 so maybe will be able to beat that ;) my friend jess has suggested the 30 project challenge to me, where you need to make 30 things with your stash before you're allowed to make anymore. All going well will have finished that by Monday!
Ok so gabbed enough now :)will leave with a funny comment from cam.

Cameron - I am being quiet Caitlin, you told me to be quiet and I'm being quiet. Can't you hear me being quiet? Why are you asking me to be quiet again when you have already asked me and I'm quiet?
Me - Cameron she means don't talk.
Cameron - oh I thought be quiet meant don't shout.

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