Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Getting back into routine

It always takes me a little while to get back into things when I've been away, even if it's only been a couple of days. This time though I need to get right back into it as off again on Friday! So dropped kids at school, did the shopping (can't believe how much they ate in one weekend!) then home to catch up on household jobs. This afternoon was my sisters 12 week scan and I went along. Was nice to see the baby and all was well, but given the situation was a bittersweet moment. Better get used to it I guess!
Oh well, plenty of layouts left to share ;) This one I did with some lace paper Jess gave me. There was a swap table at the retreat but it was mainly me and Jess who used it, could have saved space in the car and just swapped bits at home ;) More photos from Turkey. We bought these rubber rings from Tesco before we left as last time the cost of inflatables there was crazy! Good job too as this year all we did was lie around the pool, eat and swim. Kids were never off the rings!
I LOVE this photo of Caitlin. She was digging in the water, using a collander, and getting annoyed it wasn't making a hole. You've got to love her :)


  1. I really don't think we would have saved that much room lol! Great layouts x

  2. Great sunny layouts - see you Friday :)


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