Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Today after Mums drs appointment (what a waste of time that was!!) we popped to Asda to get some shopping. I had only planned to get a few bits but as we walked around I remembered more and more things we needed and ended up spending £130!
As you do when spending all that money on food I treated the kids to a Mcdonalds for dinner lol. At the moment they have Super Mario toys so we're collecting them for Cam. I remember getting mario toys from Mcdonalds when I was a kid too, funny how some things never change :)
More layouts :) I love these photos from when we first got Scamp. Hes got so much bigger since then!
Wasn't too sure about this layout when I started it but quite pleased with it now :) My Mum and I went to a Next sale last year and we ended up buying the same t-shirt for Mark, Brian and Cameron. How cute do the menfolk look! lol.

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  1. That was a very big spend!
    Appropriate layout, maybe you should've stuck the receipt on it :)


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