Sunday, 23 March 2014

Take a nap will you!!

At the moment my Dad is really struggling with Mollie being in the house. He's stressed out anyway as he loses his job soon but a VERY active and loud 7 year old under his feet all the time isnt helping :( He had to do some painting in the house today so to get Mollie out of the way we took her and Caitlin to the farm. Obviously needed to take the pups along too :)
It was Poppys first visit and she is NOT a fan of the goats! Was nice to get them out though. The kids ran around and played and Mum and I sat and chatted so hope I helped out a little bit. Both kids are now shattered, particually after Cameron getting up at 5:50 this morning! I've forced them to lie down and watch a bit of TV in the hope they have a nap but I can't see it happening.
Might need to start scrapping again soon, almost finished sharing all the layouts I did on my retreats! Another double page one here, this time from Wicksteed parks Autumn fun day.
The fun days are great because they put out a lot of messy play, simple things to do and just let the kids run wild. It's all free and my two love it :)


  1. That pup is just too cute! Lovely LOs too :o)

  2. Glad you had a good day, love the colours in your layout!

  3. Look at that face, I need more puppy snogs soon lol!

  4. Two really lovely layouts and your wee pup is just so cute xx

  5. Hope some decorating got done - I'm sure the kids had a great time. LOVE that DLO - great page design and fun pictures.


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