Monday, 10 March 2014

Home now :)

Well last night was so funny! The most I've laughed in ages. :) The girls came back from dinner after having a few wines and were very giggly. Tara made a batch of Pimms which made the whole thign worse lol. if I'm honest I can't remember half of the things were laughing at, except when Fiona got all excited about finding a chocolate in the shape of a shrimp, but most of us were in tears by the end of it. :) Was a lovely way to end the weekend.
This morning was an early start to get home. Drive was pretty uneventful until we were about 20 minutes from home when the car overheated and we had to stop :( Jess was very understanding and we were soon on our way again :) Scamp went MAD when I got home! Jumping on me, licking me and following me around. :) Nice to be missed. I did ask Mark if he missed me over the weekend and this was the reply:
Sarky begger.
I've done some unpacking but haven't bothered with my tote as will be packing it again in a few days so just left that by the window. have photographed the layouts I did though :)
This was a photo from Turkey last year. Ive had the background paper for a while but wanted the perfect photo for it. You might not see too well in the photo but it says 'I love my family' over and over with little doodled pictures. I made the tag with some washi and a rub on and lots of little epoxy stickers in the top left corner. I got a sheet in a swap I think and I love them. I think they're from Wilkinsons or something, will keep an eye out for more.
I love these papers. I think I put them in my most recent counterfeit kit I'm not sure. I ended up killing 3 kits while away and I think a few got a little mixed up ;) These are also photos from Turkey and I love Camerons face in them!
Thats all I'll bore you with for now. Ended up doing 22 layout which didnt beat my record but still pretty good :)


  1. Glad you got home safely - 22 layouts!!!
    Love that first one here :)

  2. Does "like a room without a floor" ring any bells? Lol! Well done on 22 layouts (show off!). Don't forget I'm the person whose car would squeal whenever she got wet, wonder how she's been with her new owners this winter... X

  3. Great layouts. I love Mark's reply, he certainly has a way with words! x


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