Sunday, 2 March 2014

Things I have seen today.....

So today we went to the boating lake and the town and we saw:
- Lots of people dressed like animals dancing on the side of the road
- A giant tree carved into an old man
- A shrek made from jelly beans
- A man dressed like a giant dog walking through town (which Scamp did NOT like!)
- Caitlin jumping on what she thought was a solid bar, which the span round and chucked her off. My heart was in my mouth until she jumped up, laughed and said 'I don't think I was supposed to do that!'
And its only 12pm! :)
Been a really nice morning overall :) We were up early and suggested a trip to the farm to the kids. They were a bit bored with it though and wanted to go East Carlton instead. No problem. First I had to get petrol so drove to Asda, first we saw a dancing pig outside Morrisons advertising 20% sale at a local pet store. The kids found it hilarious and as we drove on we saw a monkey, a fox and a bunny. after getting petrol I suggested a little detour to drive past the pet store to see what other animals we could find. After spotting another bunny and what we think was a wolf (who has a wolf and a fox for a pet I don't know) we passed the boating lake, where Cameron shouted he wanted to go there instead. Caitlin agreed so we stopped there for a walk. lol. remember how I said plans always go to pot in this house *rolls eyes* After playing in the park we took a walk through the woods to get a sausage rolls from Greggs for lunch and saw the Shrek in a nearby sweet shop. The kids were very impressed. Walking back to the car we saw the guy dressed as a dog and Scamp started barking like mad at him. The guy pretended to be scared much to the amusement of nearby kids :)
So kids and Scamp now tired out from walking and playing we drove home :)
Kids are now watching a film and enjoying a cake while Scamp is fast asleep in his cage. Its the first big walk hes been on since his op so think it tired him out a bit. Marks having a nap so might scrap while its peaceful :)

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  1. Wow, what a lot of odd things you saw, glad you had a nice day :)


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