Sunday, 9 March 2014


Another early morning this morning lol. Watch ill go home and be waking at 7am when the alarm goes off shattered! Not leaving until tomorrow so could relax and enjoy today. First thing I decided to go through my buttons and sort them out as there were a fair few I didn't like. Made for a pretty photo too ;)
Typically as we were inside all day the weather was amazing! We took some lovely photos outside but the owner was letting her dogs run around the garden which spoiled it a bit. I love dogs dont get me wrong but when they're been swimming in a smelly pond then playing in mud I don't want them jumping on me! Poor Fiona tried to have her lunch outside but had one of them jump on her lap so I decided to stay inside.
Lots of the three 'Cs' this weekend, cake, coffee and crafting :) In face my friend Jess put a photo up almost identical to this one! Managed 17 layouts so far so on track to beat my record ;)

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