Wednesday, 19 March 2014


So this morning I lost my temper with a midwife and my sister went for me lol. So the meeting wasn't exactly the calm, simple discussion I thought it would be. The midwife is new to the team (obviously) and seems to be beliving all the stuff Nicola tells her. At the last meeting she was calling Nicola a lovely girl, a wonderful Mum etc and I kept my mouth shut. This morning one of the girls teachers asked why Mollie had been removed but the other girls were remaining at home. I pointed out there is no bond between my sister and Mollie and the midwife told me not to talk so aggressivly to my sister! I retorted saying I was nice 4 years ago when this started I'm not now, she then accused Mollie of choosing to go to my Mums because she got more attention there and she should be at home with Nicola because Nicola gave birth to her. I lost it at this point, pointing out all the incidents Nicola had been drunk or otherwise intoxicated while caring for the girls and that she didn't have a right just because she gave birth. Nicola jumped in accusing Mum of taking Mollie and when I reminded her she gave Mum Mollie and also offered her Evie she went for me. Ah its all good fun! Nicola stormed out and the midwife admitted she doesn't have all the information (so dont make judgements then!) and it calmed down from there but I was still seething. Theres another meeting in a few weeks my Mum is trying to get time off to go to but we'll see. She feels bad for me as obviously I go in and while the workers might agree with me I know they can't argue my point too much or else Nicola will shut down and not allow them to help the girls so I don't have anybody backing me up. To be honest I don't mind that but shes my Mum and she frets. She's been fretting for a while tbh, everyone has. Apprently I seem really depressed and just 'going through the motions' I don't think I am :s but Mum, Mark and my Gran all do so they're all worried about me. No idea what to say to them as I think I'm ok. Odd situation.
Well away from odd things back to layouts I've done :) This was the sketch Fiona submitted for February. I was a bit worried as I don't do misting so I put it off until the Twilight retreat where I decided to give it a go.
I love the result! I got this paper in a swap or a grab bag or something ages ago. Its got a special resist layer on it so where I spray the blue mist I can wipe it off and it leaves this pattern :)
As the background was so pretty I used a couple of frames, note papers and embellishments and I was done! Photos are from Turkey, we went on a boat trip and Caitlin wouldn't come into the sea as it was too deep. I promised I'd hold her up but still took her a while to give it a go.
Well after today I think I've earned an easy night and a glass of wine ;)


  1. Great job with the misting, and lovely layout, but I am sorry to hear about the situation .... x

  2. Great job with the misting, and lovely layout, but I am sorry to hear about the situation .... x

  3. Beautiful layout and I too thought you were quite distant at the retreat - our subconscious works overtime - take care :)

  4. So pretty and even lovelier in real life :)


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