Monday, 31 March 2014

Whens it half term?!?!

Good god is it not half term yet?! I don't know if this term has been more busy, or longer or what but the kids are just exhausted! Camerons been weepy for a few days now but over the weekend Caitlin barely ate then this morning was very clingy and wanting to stay home. She didn't seem ill so I sent her in but told the teacher how she was. Bless her she did have a bit of a meltdown Saturday night. Mark put her to bed and put a dvd on for her to watch for a bit, a little while later I went to check on her to find her crying her eyes out under the covers! After calming her down it turned out she was terrified of the film. I span round to see what it was, ready to shout at Mark for putting some horror film on for our 5 year old to see she was watching.......Santa paws :s a group of talking dogs try to bring the magic of Christmas to a poorly little boy. NO idea why she was so terrified but took her into bed with me for a bit where she cuddled in and told me she felt safer whenever she was near me. Awwww. So no idea if shes tired, coming down with something or just missing her Mummy. Will keep and eye and wait and see :)
Well assuming I don't get a call to come collect Caitlin I'm hoping to do some crafting today! I have lots of little projects that need doing and im soooooo behind on!
Need to do some soon as these are the last of my layouts I did on the retreats at the start of the month. This one was done with an old Sarahs cards kit. I was struggling with it as I wasn't fond of the dark papers but thought they went well with the photo of Cait in the vintage looking clothes. Thrilled with how it turned out considering how worried I was :)
And last one! Veryyyyy old photo of Mark lifting Caitlin to put the star on the tree, he'd have no chance of lifting her now!


  1. Hope Cailtin has stayed clear of any bugs especially with half term just around the corner!

  2. Awww she looks so cute in that dress - two lovely layouts x

  3. Two gorgeous pages Gemma and I love the photo of Caitlin putting the star on the tree. What a lovely moment to capture x


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