Saturday, 8 March 2014


Isn't it typical, I go away for a relaxing weekend and I wake up at 6:20 and can't get back to sleep! It's usually the time Scamp wakes up so think my body clock is still on that time. Did llet me get a head start on scrapping though :) 
Weather is amazing here, sunny and even quite warm. Last time we were here we had the log fire on while this time the doors are all open! Almost feel a bit guilty I'm missing out on all the amazing views and beautiful countryside and instead this is my view :) 
Look I figured out how to type under txt! Getting clever now me ;) lol. One of the girls brought homemade scones, jam and proper clotted cream. I've never had that before but omg it was yum! I had 2 scones and felt sick afterwards but worth it. 
I'm always worried when I come away for these weekends, it's so much prep work and with me driving it was even more of a stress but it's always so worth it :) We only meet up once a year and chat on Facebook but as soon as we all get in a room together it's like no time has passed :) A lot of the girls have had a really tough year so this is just the therapy needed. 
Ok soppiness done I'm being called to Fiona's craft class so better get moving! 


  1. I presume Fi didn't do the class at 6:20am in the morning! The scones look divine ... .x

  2. Mmmmm scones aren't scones without clotted cream. Sounds like you had a lovely time at the weekend, I was very jealous x


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