Friday, 18 April 2014

A rare treat

Some foods the kids like but I can't stand, tinned hot dogs are one of these. I've never actually read the tin on these but I dread to think what's actually in them. Like I said though the kids like them so every now and again (maybe twice a year if they're lucky lol) I let them have some. Now AGES ago Cameron was going through a fussy phase. Seems amazing to think now as the kid eats everything that doesnt move but at the time he wouldnt touch any carbs besides bread. No potatos, pasta, rice, nothing. So I found a recipe for magic hot dog spaghetti online and gave it a shot. Cam loved it! He has no problems eating pasta now so can't remember the last time I made it but this morning asked Cam asked if we could have it for dinner and I agreed.
Armed with a butter knife and some hot dogs Cam set about making his culinary delight :)
Scamp waited patiently for any spillages lol
Cameron carefully sliced up the hot dogs and poked stands of uncooked spaghetti through.
Finished ones. He started to get bored at this point and made 'robots' lol with spaghetti arms and legs *rolls eyes*
Cams part done I boiled it all up and it was done!
Never had any myself but Cam scoffed the lot. Along with a big bowl of fruit for pudding to ease my Mummy conscience ;)


  1. Funny what kids like! I saw this idea on Pinterest a while ago, but don't think it would work too well with real sausages!


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