Monday, 28 April 2014

Big gummy grin!

Well, I'm SO glad I got Cams hair all cut to look nice for his birthday photos lol. This morning another tooth came out so he's now lost both of his front teeth.
Another day of rubbish weather here and no big plans so Marks having a couch day. Scamp decided to join him :)
Well tonight I went shopping for party supplies. Rather than buy a cake I decided to make the kids one each. Yeah daft idea lol. Caitlin wants a 4 layer chocolate rainbow cake stuffed with sweets, covered in sweets. While for Cameron I've decided to attempt a minecraft cake like one I saw on Pinterest. A very good friend who obviously has SO much faith in me saw the one I want to copy and said 'Lol picturing one of those "saw this on Pinterest...nailed it" scenarios now' She knows me so well ;)


  1. Aww you'll have cute birthday pics and a contender for next month's SIPIDI!

  2. Look forward to seeing the cakes pics!

  3. Hmm I wonder who that was....

  4. Oh Cam looks soo cute! Your baking always looks good so I am sure you will do fine, I do think you are very brave taking on the making of two though! :)


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