Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I've got a Tassimo!!!!

Today Cameron was at his friends for a playdate and Caitlin went out with my Mum and Mollie so Mark and I made the most of a child free day by going to the town, and shops and all the little jobs that drive the kids crazy. While on a trip to Tescos we saw their Tassimo machines had been reduced. I've wanted one for AGES so Mark offered to get it as a late anniversary gift :) I jumped at the chance! I was so excited to get home and set it up :)
Seemed pretty idiot proof so I set about making a Costa Latte. Tasted a bit milky at first but I'd read somewhere if you like a stronger coffee then use the coffee pod twice, I did and tasted much better :)
I can't see this replacing my usual coffee maker, as obviously the pods aren't cheap but great for a treat now and then ;)


  1. I bought one of these through a Costa offer recently and have put away for my Mum for Christmas. Enjoy yours x


Thanks for your comments. :)