Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter egg hunt

At the start of the year we shelled out for a annual pass to our local farm. Pretty sure its already paid for itself twice over as we go ALL the time! The kids love it and its great to take Scamp somewhere and not worry he won't be allowed in certain areas. Anyway today they had a big easter egg hunt. We were planning to take our two anyway but as Mollies visit with her dad (the second since November, grrrr) fell through we took her along too. Turned out to be a great day :)
Rather than finding eggs, the easter bunny (seriously creepy giant white bunny BTW) hid laminated coloured eggs around the park. Each child was allowed to find two eggs and depending on the colour would either get a lolly, a jelly lolly, a cream egg or a full sized easter egg. The our group got lollies and cream eggs and I'm very proud to say they were pleased with their prizes :) Had seen a few kids having meltdowns because they didnt get a big egg but no problems. :)
After watching the pig races, which for some reason Scam was terrified of! we went to decorate some eggs.
Cameron did a face, Caitlin our flag and Mollie a 1D egg. I did wrap them in tissue but they 'fell' into a bin on the way out. ;)
By now Mark was flagging bless him so after a short walk around the animals we rested while the kids played in the park. Scamp as usual making the most of all the attention and kids fussing over him.
We popped to Asda for some quick shopping then home to rest after a lovely day out. I love nice simple family days :) I think it's because we didn't have a huge amount of money growing up so trips to theme parks etc were rare. Mum and my grandparents however used to take us for walks all the time or to the park with picnics and I always felt spoiled and the same with Marks childhood. I think our two have inherited that as they both love walks and simple day trips too :)


  1. Aw, what a nice day! shame those eggs fell into the bin ;)

  2. Shame about losing the eggs ;) LOL!! Sounds like a fab place to go x So glad to hear that your children are pleased with the simple things in life - we were lucky enough to have grandparents who lived on a farm, so who needed theme parks when you had a whole farm to play on at weekends and holidays!!


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