Friday, 25 April 2014

Altered letters

Remember the letters I started last night? Well they actually turned out pretty good :) I knew I wanted to paint Camerons green with green squares in a Minecraft kind of way, similar to the door hanger I did a while ago, but I didn't know what else to put on it. Then I walked into his room to see the Hama beads on the floor and decided to make an axe and a sword from the game to add to it :) Not to sound big headed but I'm so proud of the result and Cameron was thrilled with it too :)
Caitlins was easier but less impressive I think. Its more sparkly in real life and Cait likes it so thats the main thing :)
Other than finishing those its been a hectic day! This morning I was at the school helping with the opening ceremony for the new playground. The PTA fundraising helped pay for it so its nice to see the work coming to something. The kids had a great time and were dancing and singing even though it was raining lol. By the time that finished I ran home to meet my dad and help him with some paperwork, bathed the dog, tidied up a bit then realised it was 2:05 and I was supposed to be in a meeting at the school at 2! Quick run back to do that then collected kids, got shopping, got Camerons haircut, took him beavers, took my gran her shopping, picked up a parcel, home, shopping away, dinner, stories, bed! Whew! The weekend ahead isn't too bad, Caitlin has a dancing party/award ceremony tomorrow then I'm having my Granny over for dinner Sunday night which I'm looking forward to :) Also need to start trying to make the two, complicated birthday cakes for the kids party next Saturday. Think i might have bitten off more than I can chew with those lol.


  1. These are brilliant - the minecraft sword & axe are so clever (hearts too, but I've seen similar before IYKWIM).

    P.S. Every time I comment on your blog I get a mail delivery failed message as videl_dargem @ hotmail . com (without spaces) is not recognised. Is it me or is it something about your blogger settings?

    1. Think it was my settings. Changed them now so hopefully sorted :)

  2. I like how you've incorporated the hama beads, oh they take me back to when my 2 were into them. I still have some coasters they made.

  3. Those are fantastic - and those hama beads look really good as minecraft items!

  4. These are really great, I bet the kids love them :-) Good idea to use the beads.


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