Thursday, 17 April 2014

Yuck, but smells nice ;)

Today Camerons friend Jack came round to play so Caitlin asked for some girly time crafting :) As we'd got those kits from the car boot I thought it was the perfect time to give one a go and picked the perfume factory. Started out all nice and girly at first, made some sweet smelling perfume and had a giggle. Then Caitlin wanted to make the perfumed slime. WHY that was in a perfume kit I dont know but ok. You had to mix half a peck of powder with some perfume we had made and some water. Nothing happened, so I added all the powder and it worked. After much stirring we ended up with some discusting slime, which made rude noises if you pressed it in a pot lol.
Caitlin was supposed to add the colouring while I stirred but when I took the lid off this happened....
Caitlins exact words...'Well you might as well finish it you're a mess now anyway!' Charming! Besides looking like I'd sliced my hand open it was nice spending some time with Caitlin. Shes off to the cinema with Mum tomorrow so will be able to spend some one on one time with my boy then too :)
Speaking of which, I've no idea what I've doen but this boy hasn't left my side all afternoon! Seriously he's a little shadow. Nice to be cuddled up with him and my kindle too :) Felling very loved today :)

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  1. Aw Caitlin looks really happy, glad you had a nice day together :)


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