Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Happy birthday baby boy!

Today is my baby boys 7th birthday :) He woke up super excited at 5:30 and wasn't too impressed when I told him it was too early go back to bed! When he got up at a much more reasonable 7am I made him his special chocolate crossaint breakfast and let him open two gifts. Bad Mummy however I had got him a new Ben 10 Omnitrix toy. Turned out he already has it! In my defence theres about 14 different ones so easy to get mixed up. Did tell him I'll return it for something else though so he was fine with it :) Think I wrapped them a bit too well though as he struggled to open them.
Id made these lollies for him to take into class, Caitlin had butterflies so had to think of a boyish version. Cam was happy with them :)
As they're having a joint party Saturday we only had a small tea party style one today. My Mum, Dad, Mollie and my Gran came round and gave Cam his gifts, as usual he was spoiled :)
Love his concentration face.
One of the gifts my Mum got him was a 'All day breackfast' jigsaw. He opened it, gave my Mum a funny look and asked 'Why did you get me a tin of beans?!' LOL He found it funny when we explained it to him.
As Caitlin had her Rainbows group tonight we said Cams friend could come round and play for a bit. They both LOVED Cams new lego movie game. The 'everything is awesome' song is now firmly stuck in my head!
Think the noise was too much for Scamp. He decided to try and lie on the back of the couch, as far away from the boys as possible, and fell down the back lol.
I did get him out after taking this photo I'm not that mean ;)


  1. Lol - you confused me there as his birthday was the other day but I get it now. Hope he had a great day - certainly looks like it!

  2. Looks like he had a fab day - that song was stuck in my head after the movie too!


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