Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Queen of the Hama beads

Last night it was odd as Scamp wouldn't leave my side. I figured that it was because the boys were in the house and the noise levels were through the roof lol. Then this morning I woke up and I felt dreadful! Think Scamp knew something I didn't :( My throat was all swollen and when I got up the room span. Not nice. I hate being poorly at the best of times but when I have a million things to do its even more annoying. I obviously wasn't up to baking so decided to start the Hama bead decorations for the kids birthday cakes.
First was Camerons, I'm making him a Minecraft theme cake so wanted to make a chest to go on top and fill with chocolate coins or something. After some planning I made this :)
Was actually really easy once I got started, these are the sides and the bottom.
and this is the top and top sides. I was planning on putting some form of hinge on but we'll see.
Next is Caitlins, which turned out a lot bigger than I expected :s Hers is a rainbow themed cake so Rainbow dash from My little pony seemed fitting :)
As well as Hama beads I was thrilled to get some happy post this morning. :) My lovely friend Jess sent me some magazines and some goodies for the kids. Got to love her :)

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