Sunday, 27 April 2014

Yucky weather

Well we were going to go to a car boot this morning but woke up to horrible weather so decided to stay home instead. Had a nice relaxing morning then had Gran over for dinner which was really nice :) Made a huge Sunday roast as usual and was lovely to sit and chat to her. Since Cameron started Beavers on Fridays we don't see her as often so means a lot when we do.
Other than that was a pretty dull day :) Managed to photograph the other layouts I did the other day, this one of my Mum I love. :) When we were in Turkey there was a guy doing balloon modeling. We think this was supposed to be a sword but Mum decided it was a hat and opened the handle to put it on her head lol. Never a dull moment!
This one was from Disneyland, Caitlin decided she wanted to dance so Cameron sat down and started doing 'ring around the roses' No, Caitlin wanted to do a Waltz. So after letting Cameron jump up again she started teaching him how to dance 'properly' Poor Cameron with a little sister as bossy as her he has no hope!

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  1. Just to rub it in we've had glorious weather here!!!
    Mums are so embarrassing! Great layouts :)


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