Friday, 11 April 2014

How I make a kit

Like most crafters, I have loads of stash I need to use up. I find I use my stuff better if its in a kit so each month I take part in the Counterfeit kit challenge here. I always fine it interesting to see how others make up their kits, so thought I would do a post showing how I did mine :) I'd followed the counterfeit kit blog for a while before I took part, the idea of putting together a kit from my own stuff actually seemed a little daunting. Everyone else seemed to have full packs of new stuff, like a bought kit, or papers really similar to the kit they were copying. Most of the stash I need to use up is either older trends, or leftover bits from bought kits, so no new boxes here! Once I got started though it was really easy and actually fun :) Space is a premium in my house, and as a result my stash is stored all over the place. Dies, inks and some punches in the garage, flowers, ribbon, cardstock and chipboard shapes downstairs and the rest in the wardrobe in the bedroom. Kits are idea for me as it means I can grab a kit, my tool bag and get to it.
This month instead of having a kit to copy the team have posted this. The idea being to make a kit using these colours and the 'evidence' elements. You don't have to do all of it, or use only those colours, the idea of which also put me off at the start. You could pick one element, or do it all, whatever you like :)
I'll start with picking the papers. The colours are actually my fave colours so by the time I'd sorted through my pile of 'odd' papers (papers not already in a kit) I had a huge pile.
I was told once when making a kit, or buying new papers from a range was to choose 3 heavy patterned ones, and 3 plainer ones. As you can see I picked 5 heavy patterned ones and 5 plainer ones. So its more of a guideline than a rule ;) Also lets me cross off 'patterned background' from the evidence list.
Next is embellishments. I always go to this first, my 'need to use it up' box. This is full of almost finished sheets of gems, journaling tags, sentiment tags and all the little stickers and rub ons that were the only ones left on the sheet. When picking embellishments for a kit I usually go by one of two methods:
- Things that would match photos I already have in mind.
- Things that match the colours/papers I've already picked.
I didn't have any photos in mind this time so picked based on colours, and bits that would go with anything. I always include some gems and journalling tags as I use them on pretty much all my layouts, and a fair few cardstock shapes as I have them coming out of my ears so need to use them, lol. So after browsing through the box I ended up with this pile to add to the papers. Crystals and buttons also crossed off the list :)
Next is onto this, see how I said my stash is all over the place! I bought this at a car boot sale for £1 and it holds all my fancier cardstock, die cut, glitter, etc, and also my fuller sheets of stickers, rub ons, transparencies and 12x12 strips. I also found a pack of polorid frames I'd cut a while ago.
So now have these to add to my ever growing kit. :) Frames and something sheer crossed off. :)
Almost done now lol. Onto my box of goodies :) I LOVE this storage box and you can find the story of how I got it here if you're interested lol. Anyway here I organise all my pins, buttons, wooden shapes ect. Basically all my smaller bits.
From here I just picked a selection of things I use often. Flair badges (how cute is that owl!) twine, paperclips, and wooden shapes (thats wood crossed off) As I knew I'd be adding flowers I selected some brads too as I use them to hold flowers together.
Quick trip downstairs to grab some flowers and chipboard. Flowers crossed off :)
Added some alphas, large and small and I'm done!
To me the mark of a good kit is that I don't have to reach for anything else besides tools while I'm using it, so I add a LOT of embellishments. I've seen others who have very few and use more patterned paper, it's entirely up to you :) Now I've made the kit I probably should make an attempt to use it, with it being the easter holidays though can't see that happening soon! ;)


  1. You chose a wonderful kit, have fun with it this month. I think we are both using the same wood grain sheet this month (DCWV is mine) I was so happy to see that storage box and will check out the post on it later today at lunch time, mine just sits there empty got at Christmas time, but haven't figured out how to use it yet.

  2. Your kit looks fab Gemma. Its interesting to see how you made this. I often peek in on the counterfeit kit blog but think its about time I actually got a kit together. I haven't bought much new paper so mine will be mostly old stuff too. Cant wait to see what you make with it

    1. Suzy, I hope you will join us soon!

  3. An interesting post and great kit.
    Sue x

  4. Gemma - what a fab post! I loved following you on your stash busting hunt for the perfect items for each part of this unusual kit prompt. You are doing it right by using up the older & odd bits. I like that you already have photos in mind & are choosing accordingly - that way you know you will make a serious dent in all that busted stash! Happy scrapping :~D

  5. What a great post Gemma. I loved seeing your process for putting the kit together. Really interesting.

  6. Really interesting seeing your process for making up a kit xx

  7. Wow - what a HUGE kit - I don't think you'll need anything apart from tools!

  8. Oh that's a gorgeous kit, love how you've pulled it together!

  9. That is a great kit, I need to try and make some kits up x

  10. Great post Gemma - isn't it great to make the kit the way YOU want it - and therefore the best for you to USE!
    My kits are generally FULL of ancient bits and bobs as a lot of my stash is bargain basement bin raiding ... and the only way to make that work is eclectic mixing!

  11. I always enjoy learning how scrappers approach this. Great post.


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