Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Rio 2

Today I took the kids along to see Rio 2. They loved the first one so made sense to try the second one! Amazingly the cinema was dead considering it was school holidays and buy one get one free day. Worked out well for us though as we got to pick our seats easily. :)
The film was actually really funny, few odd singing numbers but otherwise better than the first I thought. Cameron actually sat through the whole thing and enjoyed it which is rare for him and a movie.
Once we got home Cameron wanted to go enxt door and play with his friend who recently moved in. I used to go to school with his mum so we sat and had a coffee and it was really nice catching up, will be nice having neighbours I can chat to as though the others are really nice they'e also older than my granny so we don't have much in common lol.
Well tomorrow I have a visit from the social worker to start assessing the house which is nerve racking to say the least. We have a very tiny house so not sure if that will count against us but fingers crossed it will go well.
Will leave with a funny comment Caitlin came out with. While watching frozen, Caitlin asked why there was a ringing noise when Elsa was knocked out
Me - if you hit your head, really hard it makes you hear ringing
Caitlin - oh, I thought she had little bugs in her ear and it was their fire alarm.


  1. Your kids say the funniest things! Not heard of that film, we're a bit out of the loop these days.

  2. Hope the SW visit went well...


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