Saturday, 5 April 2014

Girly day

Morning all :) Thanks for the messages about yesterdays post, means a lot. Today will hopefully be more positive. Marks friend Eric is taking him out for the day to give me a beak and Camerons at Mums so just me and Caitlin today :) Weather doesn't look the best so bike riding is out, think crafting will be on the cards instead. Last night she sat on my bed and coloured while I sorted out papers for an upcoming class I'm doing, was nice to just be in the same room together, just chatting and no chaos. When Camerons about things tend to be a bit more hectic lol.
Felt bad for poor Scamp last night. Kids went to Mcdonalds for dinner and got balloons which he was just fasinated with! He spent ages chasing it about, pulling on the ribbon and watching it float back up, he loved it! Was adorable to watch.
Then the inevitable happened and it popped. Scamp wasn't bothered by the bang but was very confused why his toy didnt move anymore. He pawed at it for a moment then tried to eat it so it swiftly went into the bin!

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  1. Surprised he didn't jump at the "pop" - Olly hates balloons!!!


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