Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

This morning was bittersweet. We went down to see my cousin and her family at my Grans which was nice but was a goodbye for a while :( Her husband is in the army and is being posted over in Germany so they move over in a few weeks. Understandably she's excited, nervous but glad shes doing it now while her son is young before he starts school etc and its harder to settle in.
After saying our goodbyes we headed home to count all the kids easter goodies lol. When I was a kid I got LOADS of eggs but tend to get small gifts rather than eggs now for the sake of not being surrounded by chocolate for months on end! They still ended up with a good amount though. The bunny is mine :) Marks friend bought it for me which I thought was really sweet.
The rest of the day was really laid back and relaxed. Cody and his mum Gemma from next door came to visit for a while while the kids played, then they decided they wanted to play next door (on the same game, no idea why lol) so we ended up round there for another coffee lol. After dinner the kids seemed sleepy so we settled down on the couch to watch Finding Nemo. Looks comfy doesnt it, lol.
So after a long day doing nothing kids ended up in bed early and I settled down with the bunny and the book I'm currently reading. I've had it on my kindle for ages but I was sure I had read it so didn't look at it, then started it the other day and turned out no I haven't lol. To be honest I read so much I do tend to lose track of what I have and haven't read. Anybody else have that problem or just me? lol.
Scamp loved his new collar ;)
Dont worry I'm kidding I took it off after I took the photo :)


  1. We're still surrounded in Christmas chocolate!!!

  2. I still have chocolate from Christmas, never mind my birthday, mothers day and Easter lol but I am a slow sweet eater :) The kids on the other hand did get too many Easter eggs! When they were younger we used to make them spread them out and they would last months, now they will probably be finished in a day or two as we have started just letting them eat as much of them as they want as a treat because they are normally only allowed sweets on a weekend. :) Love the photo on the couch, too cute!


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