Thursday, 10 April 2014


This morning I had a meeting with our social worker to start the assessment in the case of my neice coming to stay with us. Was surprised how in depth it was tbh. I can understand with foster parents etc but with Evie being my niece I didn't think there would be so much. When she said she would have to contact the police and the RSPCA to check nobody had made a complaint about Scamp I laughed. I'm not worried, sue everything will come back fine but its just time again to get all the paperwork processed and put through etc.
Well after that I decided to meet Mum for coffee as I had some bad news for her. After meeting her, as I had Caitlin and she now had Mollie we decided to skip coffee and go to a nearby family pub so she could have a drink and the kids could play in the playground lol.
Well we ended up staying there untill nearly 7 lol. My dad came up with Mark and Cameron and we all had a big family dinner which was really nice and just what we needed. :) Fingers crossed tomorrow is better!

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