Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Prison orange is not my colour.....

I saw a thing on Pinterest a while ago saying something like 'Sometimes the only way I get through the day is my mentally chanting Prison orange is not my colour' I dont know what prisoners in the UK wear, could be black for all I know but its definetly been one of those days where I've been chanting that. Seems to have been one of those days where I need to learn how to say 'f**k off' in a polite way, if there is a polite way of course.
Anyway off my angry, wine fueled ranting! Since I came back from my retreats my stash has sat on the bedroom floor along with the many other projects I need to finish/start. The fact my room looked like a tip, and I needed to go across an assult course to turn the TV on was starting to get to me so I sat last night and spent 4 hours trying to catch up. This is what I started with.
and 4 hours later I had 30 of these
and 30 of these for my niece to give out on Friday when she leaves her school. She seems ok about leaving which is good as obviously further change isn't something we take lightly at the moment, a few of my friends have kids in her year and they seem excited about her starting so fingers crossed she makes friends soon.
Scamp seems to be improving :) Still have pus coming out of the wound but the swelling is pretty much gone. We have an another appointment Monday so hoping she will say its sorted. Caitlin on the other hand still the same :( I spent some time with her last night making some models out of Hamma beads which she seemed to enjoy but was still very clingy and weepy today. Tomorrow is school photos so really want her to go in but will wait and see. Hoping if it is a bug she can make it through the rest of this week then she has a whole fortnight to rest and feel better. Fingers crossed!
Tonight is making gift tags and boxes, I WILL see my bedroom floor by the end of the week! lol


  1. Nothing like taking your anger out on your stash.
    Those butterflies are too cute, good luck to Mollie in her new school.
    Glad Scamp is recovering and hope the photos turn out well :)

  2. Those lollipop butterflies and flowers are lovely - sure their friends will love them. Hope Caitlin feels better soon and that Scamp is on the road to recovery x


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