Thursday, 24 April 2014

Craft day

Well this morning I had nothing to do except phone people over and over until they actually did what they said they would do. Which didn't take up much time lol. So I decided to catch up with some of the many, many craft projects I've fallen behind on. Made a bit of a mess in the process lol
I actually tripped over my bits box and tipped it everywhere! Rather than sort it out, again, I tried to use up as much as possible and between that and my counterfiet kit I managed 6 layouts :) Hopefully my mojo is coming back a bit as havent had much lately. I have been enjoying making things other than layouts and tonight will be attempting these:
Got them from The range the other day and want to make something for the kids rooms with them. Have a kind of idea and have started Camerons but I'm still not overly confident so wish me luck!

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  1. I've already seen the great results so no need to wish you luck!


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