Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cobwebs everywhere!

A while ago I started clearing out the garage, made good headway but one thing or another meant it all stopped and somehow got filled with even more junk. Yesterday I set about sorting it again.
5 hours later, and COVERED in cobwebs its pretty unrecognisable :) Everythings all organised and sorted and theres so much more space! Marks side is still a mess but can't have everything ;) Also need to make a trip to the tip at some point as both bins only got emptied yesterday and are now full! :S I was emptying a box of jars into the recycle bin when our neighbour pointed out it isn't recyclable in our area. I checked and he's right! Woops, I've been putting glass into the wrong bin for a few years now! Oh well lol.
So garage gutted, cobwebs all showered away I decided to have a go at a sketch challenge I'm wayyyyy behind on. My friend Jess and I take it in turns to set each other a challenge every month. Back in February she set this sketch, and I had to use washi tape.
I did think I'd done it when I went to meadowbarn in March, but turns out I'd done another sketch twice lol. So last night I sat down and did this one :)
I couldn't find any tags I liked so decided to use photos instead. My mojo has been missing lately so I was quite pleased with this one. :) Didn't take too long to do and I actually enjoyed it rather than feeling forced like the one I did the other night. Hopefully a sign I'll be scrapping more in the future :)


  1. Love a good clear out, makes you feel so much better.
    You could've made the tags but looks great with the photos instead :)

  2. Love that background paper on your page and all the extra elements top and bottom. Well done on finishing the garage clear out!


Thanks for your comments. :)