Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Gift tags

Well this morning we were supposed to be having a social services meeting but it's been moved to two weeks from now, where nobody, and I mean not one member of the core group can make it. Sensible isnt it?! Ugh, so caught up with a few jobs and met my Mum for coffee.
Still trying to use up all my scraps so made a load of gift tags with the little bits and bobs. BUtterflies for the girls and cogs for the boys. So glad I bought that cog die, used it so much for boy type things which are really hard to do otherwise.
So not much to blog about today, Cameron made me laugh though, I was walking about downstairs thinking out loud:
Caitlin - Are you talking to yourself Mummy?
Me - Yep.
Caitlin - It makes you look crazy
Cameron - Lots of things make mummy look crazy
Dont sugarcoat it love!

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  1. Super cute tags - is there any point in the meeting?


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