Wednesday, 23 April 2014

First day back!

So the first day back was busy lol. By the time I'd dropped the kids off to school I'd done a load of washign, dishes, the floors and sorted out the clean clothes I'd brought in. Walkign to school we have the surprise that the shops were all roped off with police tape and a large puddle of blood visable on the floor. Turns out two women had been attacked the night before. Scary stuff! Luckily they're both ok based on reports but still scary it could happen so close to home.
The rest of the day passed in a blur of housework, errands and other jobs. Always surprises me how much I get done when the kids go back to school :) By the time dinner was done, the house was clean and the kids and Mark were sitting happily watching tv and to be honest I felt lost! lol. So I decided the best thing to do would be to hide upstairs scrapbooking ;) Managed to get 5 layouts done so not too bad!
Another milestone today was that Camerons wobbly tooth FINALLY came out! It's been hanging by a very stubborn thread for the past few days and I was worried it was going to fall out in his sleep so I yanked on it and out it came :)
Only issue is that the tooth fairy doesn't have any cash on her at the moment lol. So she might have to bring an early birthday gift instead ;)

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  1. Not nice when crime happens so close to home :(


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