Sunday, 13 April 2014

Car boot!!

Today is our 8 year anniversary :) So to celebrate, as you do, we went to a car boot sale lol. We haven't been this year at all, even thoguht they started a month ago because it takes cash which is something we havent had. However we managed to sell a few bits last week and as the kids clubs are all canceled for Easter we didn't need to pay out for those so decided to treat ourselves :)
As usual managed to get lots of bargains! Felt bad as most of them were for Caitlin but Cameron didn't see much he liked at all, sure we'll go to another another week and there will be more for him :) Lots of crafting kits, little figures and other bits and bobs. Mark got himself a Nerf gun but he's gone to bed and took it up with him, yeah seriously lol. Not sure if he thinks I'm going to attack him in his sleep or he thinks I might play with it and break it while hes sleeping. Both possibilities really ;)
Also got these for Caitlin which she's been playing with non stop since she got home. My Little Pony toys are So expencive, particually for what they are so this lot for £5 I was very pleased with :)
No craft stuff for me this time, though did get a butterfly frame to alter. Anybody who wants Hamma beads after seeing my SIPIDI the other day, try car boots! Could have filled the car with the amount I saw today!
So just planning to relax for the rest of the day and let the kids play. Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend. :)


  1. Glad you got a few bargains - Happy Anniversary - have a lovely day :)

  2. Happy Anniversary x I must have missed your SIPIDI! somehow. Off to find it now.

    1. I did last months a bit late lol, kept meaning to add it to your blog but forgot

  3. Great bargains! Lovely to get items for little money when usually they are so expensive ... well done and if you're all happy doing it on your anniversary, so much the better! x


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