Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Last day

Back to school tomorrow! I always feel the same on the last day of the holidays, worried I haven't done enough with them, sad I'm going to miss them but excited about getting back into routine. Cait seems excited to go back which is good as I was worried she'd still be upset about Evie joining her class. We've spoke to her about it though and seem to have reassured her so will just wait and see on that one. Cams quite happy about going back but annoyed hes at school on his birthday next week lol. Oh well!
s it was the last day, and the weather is poor, I didn't want to do anything too big so I let Cameron pick a few activities. Only fair as Caitlin had run of the household yesterday ;) Anyway first thing he picked was to make a 'volcano' in the bath. Simple enough with Caitlins new bath bomb kit! Love the scientist look lol.
Glad we did it in the bath, made a right mess! Kids loved it and lots of 'ohhhhhh look!!!!!' shouting later god knows what the neighbours thought!
Other activities Cam picked were minecraft themed hama beads, computer games and trip to the shops for more kinder eggs. They currently have boy and girl ones where the girls collect Disney princess' and the boys collect Marvel figures. Whoever thought that up is a genius as I don't know how much it's bloody cost me trying to track down Sleeping beauty and Spiderman!
By the time dinner was over the kids were both rubbing their eyes. Bless them I think they need a break to get over the break! Decided to cuddle up and watch Toy story 3 which I taped the night before. Now Cameron and I have been butting heads recently as he's been acting more and more like some of the ruder kids in class and I feel like all I'm doing recently is telling him off. It upsets me as I don't like feeling like my kids don't like me iykwim and it has felt like that with Cameron. Anyway we were watching the film and like a lot of other people I cried when the toys were heading into the incinarator. My cold hearted kids however wern't fussed! However, the bit at the end where the Mum walks into Andys empty bedroom and hugs him, Cameron burst into tears and jumped on me for a cuddle. Was so sweet to know he still loves me :) Told him not to cry, when he goes to university I'm coming too. :) He laughs now but wait 12 years!!!! ;)


  1. Hmm, sounds like a lovely day - another thing you've ruined the ending of for me :( ;)

    1. You need to watch more tv lol you're too behind ;)

  2. I don't think you ever need to worry that you don't do enough with your kids Gemma x


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