Monday, 7 April 2014


See told you I was on the ball for this month. I don't mind admitting I'm dreadful at making cards, so when I saw this on pinterest ages ago I thought it was worth a shot as looked simple enough
The original pin should be here.
So I tried the gifts with Caitlins hamma beads but they didn't turn out great, the top bits of the bows are too far apart on the board which means you need to iron the rest, then somehow attach the other beads off the board which can be tricky and is why the purple one ended up looking like some off square butterfly lol. As well as those I thought I would give a camera a shot
Which I think worked out a lot better :) Think I might use the camera on a layout at some point as with the beads being flat and quite lightweight they are great for scrapbook pages :)
Who knows, with the thousands of Hamma beads Caitlin has might see a lot of these on layouts and cards in the future!


  1. These are great. I know a good little shop which sells Hamma Beads x

  2. They look great, brilliant idea x

  3. That is actually a fantastic idea, never would have thought of it :) I think your presents look fine but the cameras are fab! :)

  4. How cute. You actually have me wishing I'd come across some of those at my house - after years of cursing that they were everywhere when my kids were younger!!

  5. Awww these are so cute, really lovely x

  6. What a great idea. We have boxfuls of these! Love the way you've made the cameras. Very clever. Thanks for joining in again this month Gemma. I'll put you on the board now.


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