Monday, 14 April 2014

West midlands safari park :)

A while ago Cameron asked if we could go to a zoo, trying to keep costs down I went onto the Tesco clubcard website and found we had enough points for a free family visit to East midlands safari park, which also offered a free second visit later in the year. Bargain :) Knowing how long the vouchers sometimes take to come I ordered them then and there and put them away for when needed. As my Mum had booked this week off work, and my Dad hasn't found a job yet we decided to go. All things considered it was a good day but I wouldn't go again unless it was quieter.
The first half of the park you drive around with the animals roaming wild around you. The website said to allow 45 minutes for this drive through, yeah took over an hour and a half. By the end of it I'd have drove over one of the flipping animals to get out of there. There was SO much queuing, with windows up so the lions etc couldnt get at us which was fair enough but it was so hot the poor kids were melting and most of the time there was nothing to look at except fences. Cameron turned his ds on and played a few levels at one point.
There were good points though, the animals you were allowed to feed were a highlight. Cameron loved the giraffe.
See how wet his hair was with sweat, though in retrospect the nutter really should have took his bodywarmer off lol. Caitlin took a while to warm up to the idea but got up the courage to feed the goats :)
The hightlight by far was this guy though, he stuck his head through the front window and tried to eat the map off Mark lap. I pulled it away just in time for him to leave a huge lump of drool on Marks leg which trailed right out of the window like a giant slug. Mark was yelling 'Eugh, eugh, eugh!' the kids were putting their windows up so fast I'm surprised they didn't shatter and I was pretty much peeing myself :) So glad we had a pack of babywipes in the car lol.
As well as the drive through part there is also a large zoo type area with bug huts, aquariums etc. As it was easter they had a big egg hunt on where the kids had to find giant decorated eggs around the park to win a creme egg. They loved it and gave them something extra to do which was nice.
Not included in the price was a large theme park type area. The wristbands were pretty pricey at around £10 each but as we got in for free we didn't mind paying it. The kids LOVED this area and spent around 4 hours going on and off all the rides. A huge amount of maintainance is needed as a lot of the rides had broken parts but considering how bust the drive through was this area was really quiet so it didn't make much difference to us. In high season though can imagine it being a nightmare.
All in all it was a great day out :) As the drive through took us so long we didn't see any of the talks or shows which was a shame but more reason to go back next time :)


  1. Ha ha! Told you to get there early before the queues!!
    The kids got there £10 worths of rides and sounds like a lovely day all round :)

  2. Great photos Gemma! Love the one of Cam feeding the giraffe :)


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